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Thread: Import .eml or mbox to gmail

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    Import .eml or mbox to gmail

    Is there any way how to import mails inmbox (or eml) format to gmail?
    I´ve tried to use gExodus and gmlw but it does not work. Both show this eror message:FONT size=1PCannot connect to SMTP server.PFONT size=3I´ve tried different SMTP servers with same result. What I can do????/FONT/FONT

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    Gmail won't directly work with those filetypes, but you can forward your email to Gmail. In Mozilla Thunderbird, there's a plugin called Mail Redirect that you might be able to use to send all your email to Gmail. You will need a working SMTP server (maybe Gmail's own will work), and you'll need to import your email to Thunderbird first.

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    Thanks for help.
    Are you sure there isn´t any direct transporter enables import to gmail? I´d like to avoid instaling email client (TB).

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