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Thread: Images won't display on image search results

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    Images won't display on image search results

    Ever since they updated the image search results to this last design, I haven't been able to see any images in the results. I just see empty grey containers where the images should be. When i click one of them, i can see the image just fine. But it's hard searching through images when i have to click every one of them to see them.

    All i want is for you to name some possible reasons why this could be happening because i can't think of ANYTHING. And of all my friends, only one said he has the same problem. First time it happened, i thought it's because i'm on ubuntu for whatever reason that may be.. But that's not true because i've installed windows xp on my laptop now and tried it in different browsers, images appear only on those browsers that don't support the new design.

    So, if anyone has suggestions regarding this, i'd appreciate it.


    EDITED: Ok, so I've only just found a link at the bottom that turns the search results into the old ones, but it still doesn't work as it should.
    So, it turns out that browsers which don't support the new design show images on the old design, but the browsers which do support the new design don't show images on the new or the old design. I guess that means if i want search results, i have to install IE on Wine :/
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